Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome and Salutations!

Welcome to all and sundry! I do hope you're here to join me in my crafty adventures. Otherwise I think you may be looking for Underwater Basket-Weaving 101, which is just down the hall. In all seriousness though, I have recently realized that I have almost too many crochet and sewing projects in the works. I say almost too many because I firmly believe that one can NEVER have too many craft projects going on at once. :) I hope that writing about and sharing my work will lead me to work on it more often, which means I might actually finish projects at a rate of more than one or two per year. We shall see.

I'm currently working on a large granny square afghan, two scarves, a small quilt (which is temporarily on hiatus due to some seams that just pissed me off), and a cute liner for my yarn basket. I've also got to figure out what on EARTH I will make for my niece's second child. I can't let the kid get here without a lovely handmade goody waiting for it!

So who is the man (er, woman) behind the curtain? I'm a young woman from Kentucky, and have been sewing and crocheting for over half my life. I recently obtained my B.S. in Animal Science, and I'm now working as an office lackey for some of the dairy faculty at my Alma Mater. This means that I spend a lot of time performing tedious tasks that leave me feeling less than satisfied. Crochet and sewing are ways for me to fulfill those pesky creative urges so that I don't run screaming into the streets. Cause, really, my boss hates when I do that.

I will try to provide photos of my projects and progress as often as possible, but I can't vouch for the quality of those photos. Much as I would love to get a new digital SLR, there's just no room in the budget for it. So we'll see what results my five-year-old 4.1 MP point-and-shoot can yield.

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