Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hi-Hem, Hi-Hem, It's off to work I, uh......

Well, here is your proof. I am, in fact, alive.

Who'd'a  thunk it, since my last post was in early August. But here I am all flush with ideas. Just today I was speaking with a friend about some new curtains she is lusting after, which happen to cost way more than I could ever conscionably spend on a window covering. When I suggested that she sew her own,  she brought up the extensive amounts of cutting, pressing, hemming, and ruffling she would need to do. I admit, it does sound like a pretty daunting task if you have to hem dozens of strips of fabric to add pretty little ruffles, and you haven't been informed that there are presser feet that will do it for you. So, I informed her. Needless to say, my friend was pleased as punch, and I'm glad that I could help make her sewing a little easier.

If you have never seen or heard of a hemming foot before, they look a little like a torture device. Really, they do. There is a corkscrew-shaped piece that folds your raw edge as the fabric feeds through, so you can make a straight, even hem almost without effort. After coming off of this corkscrew, the fabric slips under the flat part of the foot, which holds it in place for the needle. If you have to make fairly narrow hems on any light- to medium-weight fabric, purchasing one of these for your machine is definitely worth it.

Photo courtesy of Kim Love.

Ms. Love's photo makes me want to purchase a pretty linen and make my own napkins! What are your favorite sewing machine attachments?


Kim Nguyen Love said...

Thanks for the props! I promise you... make a nice tall stack of napkins and you'll wonder why you ever used paper.

Nancy McGill said...

The only problem is that I tend to get a little lazy when it comes to laundry, and paper towels are so much easier in that respect. I would definitely love to make some, though! :)