Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finally! Completed Projects AND a New Post.

Belated holiday wishes and a happy new year to all!

I recently had a spate of super-creativeness, and not only did I work on projects, I actually FINISHED some of them.

I worked up a new Swiffer cover on Saturday night. It was very simple. I used two strands of worsted-weight cotton Sugar n' Cream yarn and a size J hook. It's 15 stitches across and I just worked it in double crochet as long as it needed to be to wrap over the edges of the Swiffer. I used slip stitching to attach edges, et voila!

Sunday night I made a mobius cowl from some fabulous, chunky, forest green alpaca yarn. To make this, I modified a baby blanket pattern I'm using right now, and it turned out beautifully. A good friend gave me two skeins of lovely, soft 100% baby alpaca yarn for Christmas, and I was puzzling over what to do with them until I started working on the blanket, and was inspired by the pattern. I used one skein of yarn for this project, with just enough left over for a wee little flower as an accent. Now I need to find a little posy pattern for that!

My first cowl! It's super-soft. :)

Having been so inspired by this yarn and the pattern, I used the other skein to make a second cowl, which I finished up last night. I really like the first cowl, but it has a seam in the back where I had to attach the two ends, and I am definitely not a fan of this look. For this project I decided to work it in the round, which basically eliminates the appearance of a seam. This yarn is a bit lighter than the other, more of a moss green color. I experimented a bit while I was working on this one. What I came up with makes me think of a sun-dappled forest floor in summer. I essentially created my own little pattern working on this, and I am very very happy with it. I worked up a quick little rose for it, using the same yarn I that I made my niece's pink baby blanket with. Yes, I finally found a use for that yarn I don't particularly like. It's just a simple rose, a strand of shells that have been evenly rolled up and secured by sewing through the foundation row. Now I just need to get a pin back to attach to it, so I can pin it on my cowl! (Update: I used that rose on another project, but that just means I get to make another one so I can add a pin to it!)

Here I've twisted both cowls together. They look nice when worn like this, too!
Here's the second cowl alone- I think I like it better since it doesn't have a visible seam.

Now, that baby blanket I mentioned; I do believe I have talked about the vintage crochet pattern books I've picked up at the used book store around the corner- the color choices aren't always the most attractive, but some of the patterns are really gorgeous. The one I have chosen for this project is called "Pink Petals". Not being a huge fan of pink, and not wanting to run out and buy new yarn since I already have a stash of mint green acrylic baby yarn that I've been trying to use up, this is more of a "Mint Leaves" pattern than "Pink Petals". Anyway, it turns out as a lovely, soft, lacy design. it's really simple- essentially just alternating rows of double crochet and v stitches. A little bit of math and you can translate that into any flat piece of crochet. I have found yet another versatile pattern that I am in love with. :)

Not quite finished, but getting there!

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