Monday, February 21, 2011

I can quit any time I want.

I'm not addicted. I can quit any time I want. I don't hoard yarn in the closet. Or behind the couch. Or under the bed. Not I.

Well, okay, maybe a little. But I can quit ANY TIME I WANT.

I'm sure the rest of you crocheters and knitters out there have similar issues with yarn storage, right? As evidence of my lack of a yarn addiction, I submit this snippet of a conversation between the Dearest Husband and me:

Dearest Husband: You should think about designing your own patterns.
Nancy: I have. It just takes more time than I have right now.Plus it would mean I'd have to get new yarn to do up the pattern in, and I have enough yarn for now.
Dearest Husband: Did I hear that right? You? Enough yarn?
Nancy: Oh, shut up.

One of these days, DH, one of these days.

Oh, and don't forget to check out Sunday's post for a chance to win a set of three handmade dishcloths!


Holly Days Closet said...

LOL been there I'd say done that but I'm still there. Everyone teases me that I have a little walmart in my craft room.

Rachel B said...

I'm right there with you LOL!