Friday, February 4, 2011

Pattern(s) of the Day, 02-02-2011

 What is with all these yarn companies making you get an account and such to see their free patterns? I think it's a pain in the neck, but I suppose that's just me.

At any rate, I recently picked up some Sugar 'N Cream yarn at Michael's. They were on sale for $1 a ball, so I picked up several that I liked. Unfortunately, they were almost cleared out of solids, but I did pick up some ombres and twists that I liked. It seems to me that their twists yarn is a bit finer than the others, but they work up just as well. Tangential discussions aside, I made three dishcloths within four days of getting the yarn. One even has a cute little picot edge! I would like to make some pretty dishcloths though, instead of just plain squares or rectangles. Enter Lily's slew of free patterns. In particular, the following one:

Image from
Chrysanthemum dishcloths! These would be pretty much adorable in any kitchen, and they look like they'd be nice and scrubby too. I'm planning on making some of these in bright solids with a white border. I'd like to do that soon, so keep an eye out!

I also came across this dish soap apron:
 This little guy looks so cheerful! I think these would be great as part of a housewarming gift- especially for someone without a dishwasher. The best part is that you could use it as a dishcloth or scrubber in a pinch, if you make it out of a sturdy cotton yarn as is intended.

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Granny said...

I found your blog through Grannies and Ripples. I've been crocheting since I was around 5 years old and always have some project in the works. Love both the dishcloths and the dish soap apron. Thanks for sharing.