Saturday, April 9, 2011

April Showers Bring (Hopefully) May Flowers

We had a beautiful spring storm this morning. Steady rain, a little bit of light and noise, and then it cleared up for a pretty day. So, I decided to plant the rest of my flower seeds. :) Hopefully I'll have big bunches of bright flowers all summer long.


Granny said...

Good luck with your flowers. Love the little pots you sewed the seed in.

Anonymous said...

If someone uses the wrong word for something, it's probably because they don't realize they are using the wrong word.. It may be a pet peeve but no need to embarrass people who maybe didn't know in the first place.

Nancy McGill said...

I don't intend to embarrass people, but if an adult who is a native English-speaker hasn't managed to learn the difference between "peek" and "peak," perhaps they should go back to grammar school.